The Consequences of Untreated Allergies

Untreated Allergies

Maybe you’ve been suffering from seasonal allergies for years. Maybe they only developed when you reached adulthood. You’ve probably learned ways to cope with them–like avoiding the outdoors during spring and taking tons of over-the-counter medications.

But maybe you’ve noticed your symptoms getting worse. Going outside is almost unbearable.  Should you see an allergist? Or you should you just wait for spring to pass and for pollen counts to go down?

You might be surprised to learn that leaving your allergies untreated could have consequences.

Here’s a few you should know about.

Long-Term Sinus Irritation

Two of the biggest symptoms of allergies are a runny nose and sinus congestion. Over time, you may notice your sinuses feel inflamed or especially irritated.

If you continually leave your allergies untreated, you may notice your sinuses becoming a constant problem. Restricted breathing passages, burning nostrils and sinus pressure are just a few of the symptoms of sinus congestion and irritation.

Sinus irritation and congestion can cause you to lose sleep, experience day-long discomfort and can even affect the way you sound when you talk. No one likes sinus discomfort–it disrupts every part of your day.

Asthma Attacks

If you’ve had allergies for a while, you’ve probably heard that allergies and asthma go together.

Unfortunately, untreated allergies can actually cause asthma attacks.

Allergy-induced asthma is the most common type of asthma in the United States. The symptoms can range from chest tightness and shortness of breath to wheezing, coughing and chest pain.

Some asthma attacks are so severe they require a visit to the emergency room or an urgent care clinic.

Chronic Fatigue

When your body is constantly fighting the symptoms of allergies, you’re drained of energy. The itchy eyes, runny nose and congested sinuses that allergies bring can also cause disrupted sleep, contributing to that exhaustion.

If you don’t treat your allergies, you may find yourself chronically tired and lethargic. This can impact your professional performance. It can also affect your ability to exercise be active with your family.

Don’t suffer through allergies this spring. Untreated allergies can have long-term effects on how you feel, how you sleep and how much energy you have. Allergy & Asthma Center has certified allergists on hand to help develop a care plan for your symptoms. Contact us today to learn how we can help you this spring!

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