What Is Causing My Allergies in October?

If you suffer from allergies, then the end of the summer can bring a welcome respite from all the watery eyes, sneezing and coughing you’ve been experiencing all season — or so you hope. Unfortunately, your allergy symptoms can carry over into the fall. Here are the top four reasons your allergies are still around well into fall.


If you’re experiencing fall allergies, there’s a good chance that ragweed is to blame. While ragweed pollen begins releasing in late August, it can continue through September and October. About 75 percent of the people who suffer from spring allergies are also allergic to ragweed.

Allergies to ragweed can also trigger allergic reactions to some fruits and vegetables, such as bananas, melons and zucchini. Even if you don’t live near ragweed, it can still be a problem. The pollen can travel for hundreds of miles, bringing it to your area and triggering your allergies.

Mold Spores

If you’re thinking since you have no mold in your house, you’ll have no worries of an allergic reaction, think again. Mold likes damp, dark spaces and is found in more than just the basement, bathroom or kitchen. Mold can form in dark, wet spaces outside, such as in a pile of wet leaves. If you’re experiencing fall allergies, see if you can eliminate any mold in your area inside or outside your home.

Dust Mites

Dust mites aren’t just a spring and summer problem. They can get stirred up when you turn on the heat for the first time once it starts to get cold. They can trigger sneezes, coughs and runny noses, causing your allergies to flare in October and beyond.

Back to School

While everyone is excited for school to start, once the kids are back in school they can get exposed to any number of allergens. School buildings may have dust mites and mold that can cause their allergies to reemerge. Other potential allergy triggers found in schools include chalk and pet dander.

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