How Does Asthma Affect Heart Health?


February is American Heart Month! In addition to raising money for research and raising awareness for heart-related conditions, this month is a time to learn. 

Do you have asthma? You might not know that your chronic asthma can have effects on your cardiovascular health. Let’s explore some of the ways (and reasons)  asthma can impact your heart.

Adult Asthma May Lead to Higher Risk of Heart Disease

For individuals who develop asthma as adults, a higher risk of heart disease may follow.

According to a study from the Journal of the American Heart Association, individuals with adult-onset asthma (usually caused by pollution) were 57% more likely to experience a heart-related issue than those without asthma.

Individuals who developed asthma as children had similar instances of heart-related events as those without asthma. 

Other studies have shown the link between asthma and heart issues exists, regardless of habits like smoking or genetic risks. Why does this link exist? Many researchers speculate that increased inflammation (a symptom of both heart disease and asthma) could be to blame. 

Asthma Sufferers Who Require Daily Controller Medication Have Higher Risk of Heart-Related Events

According to another study, active asthma sufferers are 60 percent more likely to suffer a cardiac event than those who don’t experience active asthma attacks. “Active asthma” was defined as asthma that needs daily controller medications. These findings were the result of a six-year-long study that followed thousands of individuals. 

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic, who conducted the study, say that controlling asthma symptoms is a vital part of maintaining optimal heart health.

Control Your Asthma, Improve Your Heart Health

Controlling your asthma means so much more than feeling and breathing better. It could also mean a smaller chance of heart-related issues.

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We work with you to narrow down your list of asthma triggers and develop a treatment plan that will empower you to live well and feel better.

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