Allergy and Asthma Care Center - San Jose, CA

Based in San Jose, Allergy and Asthma Center provides treatment and relief to those suffering from asthma, allergy and sinus problems. If you suffer from common, seasonal allergies or feel that your asthma has taken control of your life, Allergy and Asthma Center will create a care plan personalized for you.

Our trained allergist, Dr. Andrew Lozano, is board certified and specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of all allergic disorders, recurrent infections and asthma issues. Dr. Lozano can help you breathe easier with rapid allergy and asthma relief!

Our Promise: At Allergy and Asthma Center in San Jose, California, we aim to provide the highest quality of care for each of our patients. We offer a personalized approach to allergy and asthma treatment by not only treating the symptoms but finding the source of the problem.


  • Common Allergies
  • Asthma Management
  • Allergy Skin Testing
  • Long-Term Asthma Control
  • Immunotherapy
  • Short-Term Asthma Relief
  • Treatment for Allergic Reactions
  • Building Up Your Immune System

Serving San Jose and surrounding California communities, contact one of our three convenient locations today to learn more about our allergy and asthma treatments.